Marathi Shala

The idea to instill our culture and language to our next generation led to the inception of Richmond Marathi Shala in 2005. Richmond Marathi Shala was established in January 2006 in Richmond, Virginia. The Shala started with 20 students and today after 6 years there are 66 students who are learning to speak, read write and interact in Marathi. The goal of the Shala is to keep Marathi culture alive in the minds of the coming generations and also make them aware of our cultural values. The Shala has been very successful due to the eagerness of the students to learn. The Shala is run on a purely voluntary basis by 12 enthusiastic and devoted teachers along with the cooperation and help of the parents. The Shala gives admission to children who are 4 years old and above. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Hindu Temple. The classes are divided into different levels namely Balwadi, Balvikas, Pahili, Dusari. The classes are made interesting by use of many interactive games and sessions rather than just teaching from the books. Hands on activities of making Aakash Kandil, Gudhi, Rakhi along with appropriate lesson plans provide children a better understanding of different Marathi festivals like Gudhi Padwa, Diwali, Makar Sankrant etc.

 Children are given the opportunity to appear for exams conducted by BMM and awarded certificates from Bharati Vidyapith. The Shala also performs annual exams at the end of the academic year and are awarded with dual (Marathi and English) language certificates. Every year, there is an end of school Award Assembly where children are recognized for their hard work and programs showcasing what they have learnt are held. The credit of this Shala’s progress goes to the founders of this venture, all the kids and their parents, teachers and all the well-wishers of this school. The Shala has been successful in providing a very good environment for learning Marathi language. For all those children in the USA, who are keen to learn Marathi would definitely benefit by joining Richmond Marathi Shala.

For more information, please contact the Shala Coordinators